A weekend away

My partner and I are the type of people who take every opportunity lo leave Vienna. Whether it would be a day trip to Neusiedler See, a weekend exploring another part of Austria, or a long weekend in France, we don’t think twice about it. So when we realized that the 1st of May was a non-working day and we will have a long weekend , we immediately(because with us it is always last minute) called a friend and got a recommendation to visit the Loisium Wine and Spa in Southern Styria.

I didn’t expect to write anything about this short trip, so not many pictures were taken, but overall I must say that we were both very excited and happy with our choice. The two and a half hour drive was absolutely worth it, because once we arrived we were immediately on a vacation. Straight from the arrival we are greeted with amazing and very friendly service, that made our stay even more enjoyable.

During our stay was a old timer tour in the region, which stopped by the hotel and my partner had a good few hours looking at the cars and talking to the owners and other car enthusiasts, in the meantime I took full advantage of the relaxation zone and the outdoors swimmingpool.

On the grounds there is also a wine tasting bar, where we tried many wines from the region and discovered new favorites, which we brought home with is in ample quantities.

If you ever feel the need to escape the reality for a few days I would totally recommend the Loisium Spa!